It was not very often you come across real-life scenarios which will teach you something but when it happens it opens up a whole new thing in your life.

I was driving to a customer’s place with my new sales member who has joined three months back. While driving we were discussing a lot about sales funnels and what are the areas she needs to learn so she can be more productive.

Suddenly a thought occurred to me and I asked her “What’s your dream?”

She said I have no such ambition in my life yet.

I told her, Ambition is different from the dream. Just tell me what’s your dream? May it be small or big.

After a long pause, she said, I love cakes and pastry. I dream about setting my own restaurant. That is my dream.

She continued, but my parents have no interest in that, so I just left it.

I asked her “Why? You should live your dream Right?”

She said, “It is just a dream. What more can you expect?”

There was a big awkward pause on both ends.

Then she asked me “What’s your dream?”

When I heard that question, the flash of memories came in front of my eyes and then I smiled and replied to her, I have many dreams.

But let me tell you one big dream which came true.

After finishing my high school I went to college. You know it is very obvious that we are expected to get top grades and the same exception follows until you land on a better job with a better salary package. I was so clear that I should start living my life and not to get under some loop. That’s when I wrote down my dreams in my diary.

First. I should marry the girl I love. And the second, I should take my wife abroad to a place which is surrounded by water on all the sides, in simple words an island.

I married the girl I loved and took her to a beautiful island country Mauritius for our honeymoon.

Now if you would ask me if I am living my dream.

I will say “Yes”. I lived my dream and I am living my dream.

Now you can ask me “How was this possible?”

Very Simple, the Law of Attraction.

All I do is I write down all my dreams in my beautiful, stunning, classy looking Dream Notebook.

Here is the picture of my dream notebook.

My Dream Book My Dream Book

Earlier it just had my dreams, now it has got my wife’s too. Which means our dreams have become twice bigger so will be our life.

If you don’t have a dream notebook as I have, Get it Now and write your dreams. It might feel silly but it works.

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Now tell me “What’s your Biggest dream?”

Comment it below.

If you have such experience on the Law of Attraction or Dream come true moment, feel free to share your story on the comment section below.

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