Hello all, here is a small throw back story from my earlier days.

When I started my first company at the age of 23, I felt like I had achieved something great in my life. I kept saying myself that I’m an Entrepreneur and I’m the best in the world. I ran across everywhere, did a lot of marketing, learnt a few marketing tools online and implemented it.

Every day I try doing something new, and day-by-day I did all I could to acquire more and more clients. I used to say myself that I’m young, energetic and the best entrepreneur one can see.

But very soon I felt like I was losing myself, and I didn’t feel anything of being an Entrepreneur.

Then the question came into my mind. “In Spite of achieving my goal, that is to become an entrepreneur, why am I not feeling successful? Was that my real goal?”

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Then I started searching for myself. To search oneself there are many ways to do it. But there are only a few ways that are not distracting.

I invested my time in searching across google – very distractive. I found lots and lots of websites, articles, communities, but nothing gave me what I wanted. The worst part was, there was a lot of distraction happening. I tried many methods from search suggestion that google gave me. But it was not enough.

Finally, I invested my time in reading books. It gave me a lot of pretty good ideas and my time was well utilized. With the knowledge from the books I read and the seminars I attended, I came to self-realization.

I finally understood that I’m on my right path. Yes. From all the knowledge I had gathered, taking the first step was very difficult. Yet I believed in myself and took my first step by becoming an Entrepreneur to become an INFLUENCER.

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