My wife told me yesterday that the Twisty Tails restaurant has moved from Nungambakkam to Alwarpet and so we went there for dinner. Ambience was good filled with portraits, lighting and colors.


We ordered 2 starters and a sandwich for the main course and a dessert. Funny thing is our Sandwich came first before starters

American Cheese Balls


American Cheese Balls with corn and mayo. Presentation was appealing

Cheese Cigar


If you are a cheese lover, you can give it a try.

Paneer Makhni Sandwich


The fries and Mayo was so good. I will not say the same for the Sandwich

Nutella Pancake


Finally we had Nutella Pancake with Vanilla ice cream for our dessert.  My wife was so happy tasting it, we both loved it the most.



Though the ambience was good, the restaurant was bit chaotic. After we ordered, we got the Sandwich first even before the starters. Again we were served with dessert even before we completed our dishes on the table. It was far more better in the old twisty tails than the new one.

The Menu. It’s a pure vegetarian menu. I couldn’t find any uniqueness in menu giving me the reason to dine in here at Twisty Tails. I will vote for the old menu they had at Nungambakkam which is far more better and tasted good than the new one.

Finally, the theme of the restaurant. I would suggest you can have good time playing with the dogs there. But the thing is it is open for public not just the people dining at Twisty Tails. So you can expect a huge crowd there.

My Verdict

Overall Experience



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