The 20’s is the age where a great transition takes place from a teenager to adult. This is the phase where we start to make decisions based on our intuitions.

Here are the 5 things you should start doing at your 20’s to become a millionaire.

Number One: Develop multiple streams of income

Let it be anything from content writing, web developing, application, delivery, selling online, affiliate marketing, etc. Start it now.

Number Two: Get your goals straight.

Start setting goals a SMART way rather than thinking a BROAD way. Start achieving one at a time. You will never fall if you take one step at a time.

Number Three: Save to Invest, don’t save just to save.

Initially, at my early 20’s I started saving just to buy stuff I like such as mobiles, apparels, etc. I always ended up having nothing every time I save. Then I started investing in recurring deposits, fixed deposits, later I moved on to shares and mutual funds. Right now I started investing in Businesses.I would recommend investing in shares from the start rather than investing in bank deposits.

Number Four: Hangout with people you admire.

It helped me a lot to find the ways they live, they invest and more. Just start replicating few things, you’ll definitely see the results

Number Five: Shoot for 10 million not 1 million

Think big, so you can achieve big. Set the millionaire mindset. I learned this from the book that changed my life.

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